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  1. This is great advice! Fresh air and music always lift my mood. I have a gratitude journal but don’t use it often enough!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    1. Getting outside and great music are two of my favourite ways to turn a day around! Thanks for stopping by JIll.

  2. Such a great post, thanks for sharing!
    xx- Nina

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks, Nina.

    1. Your journaling is very inspiring, Kathrine! Hope you get to enjoy a massage soon:)

  3. #4 is my go-to! Whenever I start counting my blessings I always realize I’m being silly about something and it helps me get over it so I can move on with my day!

    1. Yes, that one is important and really helps to keep things in perspective! Thanks for stopping by Laura.

    1. Hi Mia, yes, gratitude and staying positive are so important in turning a bad day around! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. That’s such a good idea, Shauna! I’m going to do that on my next walk. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad this post helped you, Brena! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. These are all great tips! It is good advice to think – will this bother me in 5 years – or even next week. Some times we can dwell on things that we need to let go of. And, I try to look at all my blessings – it is hard when you are in the midst of a trying situation – but always see the good in everything. I keep remembering “God is in control” – and I might like something – but there is a greater plan for its good – and I look for that.

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Thanks, Lisa. I agree we often dwell too long on things that don’t serve us, making things worse, which can hold us back from moving forward. Thanks for sharing the “God is in control” point. It’s something I remind myself of on bad days or tough situations.

  5. It’s so much easier when you have lovely supportive people around you <3 Love the tips, especially when I have someone to rant to I immediately feel better 😉


    1. Martha Correa says:

      I agree, Satanja. Who we surround ourselves with is so important to our well-being and having someone you can speak to right away is a blessing. Glad you enjoyed the tips:)

    1. Martha Correa says:

      So true, Danai! Shifting our mindset and being in the right frame of mind, as you mentioned, is essential when it comes to being more happy and satisfied with life.

  6. These are good tips! I find that laughing about things is a good way to get over the upsets! 🙂

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend 🙂

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