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  1. This is a really great post, Martha. Many times we think about following healthier habits but we sometimes tend to overlook that we also need to break some bad/toxic habits in order to live a more fulfilling life. I read a super good book on that topic called Atomic Habit (I’ve been recommending it to everyone since I read it. Its is about breaking bad habits and build good ones). Have you heard about it?

    1. Thanks so much, Ana! I agree sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of our bad habits. I have heard about that book but haven’t read it. I think I’ll need to pick it up. Thanks for the suggestion:)

  2. This article is so good! It’s so hard to reverse negative thought patterns once they start in your head. All of your suggestions are so helpful! Relaxation techniques and meditation always help me get back in a positive mindset.

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    1. I’m so glad you found this article helpful, Jill! I’ll be posting the other five toxic habits next Monday if you want to pop by:) Relaxation helps me get into a more positive, clear mindset too.

    1. That’s such a compliment Kathrine, I appreciate it and so glad you found this article helpful! Forgiving ourselves is so important and something we often overlook. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Martha, So much great information! Negative thought patterns can really take over if we allow them – and we can spend way too much time down that path. Also, the comparison game – so easy to get trapped in. Forgiveness is a big key – and moving past what has happened in our past. A great post!

    1. Thank you very much, Lisa! Yes, negative thought patterns can be so destructive and exhausting. That’s why that is such an essential one to work on. Comparison is such an easy trap to fall into. I’m happy you liked the post. Have a great week:)

  4. I’ve definitely been guilty of a few of these throughout my life! I love your great tips to help overcome each of these! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Same here, Laura. I’m glad you found the tips helpful.

  5. I felt every single piece of this post, Martha! This post is so helpful, and I’m looking forward to reading part two as well. Kicking the negative thought patterns is a big one for me. I’m good with it in most cases, I always call it re-training my brain by replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. But there are some situations that always seem to bring up those icky thoughts that don’t serve me well, so I’m definitely working on that.

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Hi Ashley, I’m so happy to hear this was helpful. I like the idea of re-training your brain as essentially that is what you are doing and, as you said, replacing them with positive thoughts. I hear you, it’s an ongoing process, but all that matters is that you continue to persevere.

  6. Another toxic habit that goes along with being hateful is gossip! Once I cut those people who loved to chit chat about others out of my life, (and I myself noticed how I would engage in those conversations too)… I felt so much better!


    1. Agreed! Gossip is one of the other toxic habits I will be going over next week. Yes, people who love gossip are masters at pulling people in and sometimes they are subtle about it that you don’t think twice. Same here; I cut off people who gossip and have been diligent in not doing it myself and have felt so much better and at peace.

  7. #5 resonates with me so much. I feel like I’m always feeling behind- but I try to remind myself that my path is simply MINE and different from everyone else’s. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I hear and feel you on this, Yadi. Especially when blogging, it is hard not to feel behind and compare yourself. I have been guilty of this since starting this site, so I’m working hard to let that go and instead continue to focus on putting out great content that is helpful and inspiring to my readers. Focusing on doing my best to build my audience and a community feeling here is my motivator.

  8. This is such a great and helpful post and much needed especially now. Thank you for sharing – I never really knew about all those negative thought patterns. I just know about negative thoughts in general and this is something I need to work on constantly. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Life is a Shoe

    1. Thanks very much, Celyn! Yes, there are many types of negative thought patterns, and I’m so glad this was helpful for you.

    1. Thanks, Angelica. That’s so nice to say, and I really hope it does help:)

  9. Shifting your focus and reframing things to focus on positivity vs. negativity is so important. I love your tip of unplugging from social media/detoxing if it doesn’t make you feel good.

    Can’t wait for the next part of this series!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. I agree Ashley, shifting focus and reframing things is essential for breaking toxic habits. Social media can be such a waste of time, so I have to detox from it once and a while.

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