Best places to go to clear your head

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  1. You’re right, we sometimes feel like we need to go on vacation to de-stress when we can do it daily right where we are. I love these reminders and ideas. Going for a hike always helps me clear my head. And I’m always calm and relaxed by the water. These quotes are great to have on hand to reference!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Thanks, Jill! Going on hikes and being by the water are big ones for me too and I’m glad you liked the quotes:)

  2. Martha, These are all great suggestions. I love going on a walk to get away and clear my head – and also spending time in scripture and prayer is very important.

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Hi Lisa, I agree reading scripture and prayer always helps me feel calmer. Focusing on God and his presence is usually the first thing I do when I need to clear my head of worries or fears.

  3. I love all of the places you listed, Martha! My husband and I have been fishing on Fridays together, and it can be so peaceful just watching the water – whether I can catch any fish or not. It’s just nice to be outdoors in the fresh air. Coffee shops and libraries/bookstores are also favorites of mine!

    Wishing you a wonderful week, my dear friend!

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Hi Ashley, yes I forgot about fishing it’s such a peaceful activity, that’s so sweet that you and your hubby go fishing together. Coffee shops and bookstores are the best:) Thanks so much for your message!

  4. love the list of places! i always go to a coffee shop or to the beach to clear my mind
    thank you for sharing and wishing you a lovely weekend

  5. Christine says:

    its always the water for me!

  6. There are so many great ideas here. I always want to be outside, but I loved the ideas of the library and bookstores for when outside is not an option. Thank you.

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