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  1. This is such a comprehensive and thoughtful look at worry and happiness. I have found that movement (specifically yoga) really helps me to connect to my body and feel grounded. Also, I had to laugh at the Salmonsohn quote–it’s true!

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Thanks, Amber! I know yoga is a big one for many people. I love that Salmonsohn quote-too funny and so true 🙂

  2. I’m guilty of taking everything personally. Yoga and mediation always help me. I love the idea of scheduling your worries and if more self-care can help, it’s a win-win!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    1. Martha Correa says:

      I hear you, Jill, I struggle with that too and many of these strategies have made a difference in how I perceive what people say and being able to let things go more easily!

  3. This post is an incredible resource! I do find myself worrying a lot and I think it is because I take on too much and hold myself to too high of a standard. You shared some great tips!

    1. Martha Correa says:

      That’s such a compliment, Laura, thanks so much! I wanted to make sure I was thorough in sharing these powerful but simple strategies that have made a big difference for me.

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Thanks, Kathrine! Prayer is always my first go-to also!

    1. Martha Correa says:

      I’m so happy to hear that, Shauna, I hope it will help you and your family:)

  4. Loving this detailed write up. Letting a professional step in really helps. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Martha Correa says:

      Thanks, Benita! I agree getting professional support is essential for anyone struggling with anxiety or other mental health concerns. I believe therapy is something anyone can benefit from.

  5. Martha, this post is SO helpful! I like to think of myself as a recovering worry wart. 🙂 I truly agree with you in that it helps so much just to be aware. Many times, I’d be thinking of the worst-case scenario and doom and gloom and I was making the situation into something it wasn’t at all, and wasn’t likely to ever turn into. While I still find myself wanting to go there, I have learned to manage my worries much better in the past year. I try to really assess what I’m worried about, why, and what action I can take to make things better.

    Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend, my friend!

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Martha Correa says:

      Thanks, Ashley-you’re so sweet!! I’m glad to hear that you’ve made improvements and learned ways to manage your worry and anxiety. Assessing your worries and thinking of what you can do to make them better is brilliant!

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